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Radiology positions in Sweden


Permanent positions in public healthcare system in Sweden with free language training for the whole family.

MediCarrera is an authorized healthcare provider across Sweden, Norway and Denmark with 15 years of experience.

MediCarrera has various positions across Sweden for specialists in Radiology with different profiles:

-conventional radiology


-interventional radiology


The hospitals are very well equipped with the state of art technology in the field of radiology.

You will have the opportunity to develop and get sub-specialization in your area of interest. The doctor is expected to have an active role in the department’s medical development.

Depending on your experience you will have the possibility of teaching and training younger doctors and residents.



  • Permanent contract after obtaining the Swedish license to practice as a specialist doctor

  • Attractive salary. Duties, if there will be, will be paid apart

  • Training courses within working hours

  • Help to find: Apartment, school and kindergarten

  • Invitation to study tour to Sweden after a first interview, to learn more about the region and the work environment

  • Assistance with removal and relocation costs

  • Intensive Swedish course, also for the family

  • Remuneration during the Swedish language course of €700 monthly net, a supplement for children of a €70 monthly net, free apartment and travel costs for the family


Our services are free for you!



  • Specialist title in radiology recognized in EU

  • Professional experience and interest in any of the fields mentioned above

  • Availability to complete the Swedish intensive course


To apply contact us on

+359897858579, Spain +34 933 173 715

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